Whatever you want to move, we are there for you.

Fulfilling all forwarding requirements at any time is our speciality; satisfied customers are our primary aim. As a small workforce of specialists, we are well suited to fulfilling these commitments every single day thanks to a worldwide network of selected service providers.

We keep up to date with the most current state of informatics and transport technology and always maintain an overview of providers and offerings, developments and innovations. We communicate personally based on a wealth of knowledge and experience.

CVAglobal has been providing transport solutions since 1999. The team, headed by the founder, Marcel Flury, has always been committed to acting independently of single suppliers in the best interest of its customers. And there is no easing up in our readiness and commitment: You can reach a competent, performance-oriented contact person by calling +41 44 438 84 84 around the clock.

+41 44 438 84 84

Marcel Flury


Michael Geraets
Leitung Operations


Kevin Rochel


Alisa Fetahovic

+41 44 438 84 84
+41 44 438 84 84

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